Réfrigérateur à semi-conducteurs Flynama W140159239-E

Dépannage général

  • a. If the refrigerator fails to be electrified, the following measures shall be takenCheck whether the power line is connected with the outlet well;
    1. Check whether the refrigerator switch is pulled to on state;
    2. Check whether the refrigerator AC/DC change-over switch is pulled correctly;
    3. Check whether the cigarette lighter is enabled or connected improperly, or the cigarette lighter pedestal is polluted. If so, clean it with nonmetallic brush.
  • b. If the refrigeration effect is poor, the following measures shall be taken for disposal
    1. Check whether the draught fan runs normally. If not, replace it with a new draught fan. Suggest replacement of draught fan every 36 months;
      Check whether four screws in the refrigerator are ice-cold by hands. The refrigeration sheet shall be replaced in case of no ice-cold effect.

Nettoyage et entretien

  1. Switch off the hot/cold switch and pull out the plug to turn off power supply;
  2. Clean the dirt and dust on the machine surface by soft cloth with a few cleansers, and gently cleanse the interior of the machine with soft cloth soaked in the warm water;
  3. Don’t directly wash or clean the machine body, especially the switch socket heat dissipation outlet/inlet with water or splash, or the product parts will be damaged and even the electric shock hazard may occur.

Garantie de service

Welcome you to use the PD series car refrigerator product. Carefully read the specification before use, pay special attention to “safety precautions” and properly keep the specification for future reference; If the product upgrade specification parameters are updated, no further notice will be given. The actual product form and color may be a little different from those on the specification. Please kindly understand; If the product needs to be forwarded, it shall be forwarded together with the specification.

Technical parameter of the product


Source d'alimentation Puissance
PD-4 100-120V ~ 50Hz

Refrigeration: 65W Heating:48W


100-120V ~ 50Hz Refrigeration: SSW Heating: 45W
PD-8 100-120V ~ 50Hz

Refrigeration: 48W Heating:48W


100-120V ~ 50Hz

Refrigeration: 48W Heating:48W


100-120V ~ 50Hz Refrigeration: 48W Heating: 48W
PD-16 100-120V ~ 50Hz

Refrigeration: 48W Heating:48W

  1. Keep the warranty card properly. Consumers do not need to send it back to the company;
  2. The free warranty for one year as of the date when the product is purchased can be enjoyed. The warranty period for half a year is provided for the draught fan (consumable);
  3. Carry the warranty card and the original valid invoice for repair.

Description de la garantie

  1. Contact the after-sales personnel, explain the cause of changing or refunding, and reach to the agreement of change or refunding. The user purchasing the PD series products will enjoy the comprehensive “three guarantees” service pursuant to national Provisions on Liability for Repair, Replacement and Return of Partial Commodities.
  2. Principe de garantie
    ① Within 14 days as of the next day after the commodity is received, the service of “changing or refunding without reason within 14 days” can be enjoyed. In case of changing or refunding because of the buyer’s subjective reason (no quality problem), the buyer shall bear the freight (note: the commodity doesn1t influence the secondary sales);
    ② In case of any quality problem from the 14th day to the 365th day after the commodity is received, the commodity can be repaired after being posted, the buyer will only need to pay the freight incurred by posting the commodity to the manufacturer and the manufacturer shall bear the expense incurred by repairing and sending back the commodity to the customer (note: the buyer shall bear the freight arising from repair for the commodity in Xinjiang and Tibet, and no after-sales service will be provided for those except for Chinese Mainland);
    ③ The buyer shall bear the product repair expense and freight after the product is received for 365 days;
    ④ The following circumstances are beyond the warranty scope
    ★ Commodity with incomplete accessories and after-sales service warranty card failing to be filled in (including accompanying gift);
    ★ The commodity affecting the second normal sales refers to the commodity without quality problems which the buyer wants to change or replace subjectively (car refrigerator not purchased from PD series licensor)
    Damage or fault resulting from disassembly or refitting of the product without permission, and damage and fault arising from falling in the process of use and handling
    ★ Fault arising from improper use and failure to follow the specification, and damage resulting from improper maintenance and preservation
  3. Garantie méthode
    ① The replacement of accessories or repair must be based on warranty card and effective proof of purchase;
    ② You can call our company’s after-sales service center, and our company will suggest you to deliver or consign the product to our company’s Maintenance Department for repair as per your regional position
    1. Notes spéciales
      If the repair is necessary, contact our customer service personnel for registration by us.
      Norme exécutive: GB17625.1-2012


  1. The product can be refrigerated and heated with concise and cute appearance, small volume, making it easy to carry, long service life and small power consumption, has very good cooling and heating functions and is a good helper of home or travel;
  2. It fully embodies the concept of going green and environmental protection. The semiconductor manufacturing technology in the aerospace hi-tech and space technology PELTIER effect concept are adopted for the product. It has no compressor or refrigerating fluid, avoiding the noise and fluorine pollution and falls into pollution-free environment-friendly refrigeration product.
  3. Tue product is suitable for driver, traveler, employed worker, single person, young mother, office worker and student because it has many functions and is light in weight with small volume;
  4. Tue product is of simple structure and easy maintenance with less power consumption, strong shock resistance and long service life, and the lifetime of the cooling chip can reach to 50000h.

Schematic Diagram for Power Supply

Précautions de sécurité

  1. Don’t touch the AC line with hand to avoid the danger if the power line is damaged; DC power socket AC power socket
  2. Assurer le voltage used is correct when the product is used (the applicable voltage of the product is clearly indicated on the product nameplate sticker);
  3. The product shall not be shipped or used to contain the acid etching item and cannot be cleaned with corrosive solvent;
  4. Avoid ventilation and heat dissipation ports blocked at ordinary times
  5. Use the product in strict accordance with the specification and don~ dismantle the internal parts without permission;
  6. The internal temperature of the machine can be controlled to be about 65° ‘C under the heating working slate. Pay attention to high temperature to avoid the scald;
  7. When gear switch between “heating” and “cooling”, the gear must be adjusted to be “off” and pulled to other one in 15min;
  8. Tue product shall be stored in a tidy place with good ventilation. There should be 10cm ventilation ducts around the product.
    The product shall not be stored in places where it may be exposed to rain or there is a heat source, such as induction cooker, LPG furnace heat pipe or strong sunshine.
  9. Water in the hot-cold rank shall be cleaned up regularly.
  10. The hot-cold tank is not a refrigerator and cannot be used for freezing fresh meat foods. It is more suitable for preserving frozen foods or beverages.
  11. To keep internal things fresh, please do not open the door frequently, and the door shall not be opened for a long time.
  12. Children shall be supervised to ensure that they will not play with the product.

Operatmg Instruction of the digital version

The display has the dormancy function. After setting, the dormancy mode will be enabled 2min later, and the normal mode can be recovered by touching the screen

1) The pressing key is used for adjusting the brightness of the supplement light. Three gears are accessible.
2) The digital key is used for adjusting the light and setting temperature control inside the refrigerator, powering-on and powering-off of the refrigerator. Requirements of the electric control system

  1. Fonction d'affichage
    1) After the refrigerator is powered on and self-inspection is carried out, the current temperature set will flash (the operator can know the current temperature set without entering the setting interface), and the temperature inside the refrigerator can be displayed after flashing for five times.
  2. The defaulted temperature control scope is -5ºC~+55ºC, and the ex-factory setting is 10ºC.
  3. Temperature display: Tue display resolution is 1ºC.
  4. Functions of keys:
    1) Tue pressing key is used for adjusting the brightness of the supplement light and setting up temperature control inside the refrigerator, powering-on and powering-off of the refrigerator.
    2) When the refrigerator is powered on or powered off, the brightness of the supplement light can be adjusted or the supplement light can be turned off by clicking the touch key. After the product is powered on and started up, by clicking the touch key for the first time, the supplement light is turned on, and the brightness is at the weakest gear; by pressing the touch key for the second time, the mid-gear is enabled; by pressing the touch key for the third time, the brightest (folly bright) gear will be enabled; by pressing the touch key for the fourth time, the supplement light is turned off. This cycle can be repeated and will not affect setting of operation parameters of the refrigerator, and the state will not be remembered after powering-off.
    3) By pressing the touch key for 3s when powering off the product, you can enter the refrigerator temperature control setting interface and the OFF interface. When the OFF interface is displayed for a while, the refrigerator will be powered off automatically. For other numerical values, the target temperature can be set up. For any one of above settings, the user will exit the setting interface after five times of flashing and confirmation. The user should enter the interface again when setting other dalll.

Utiliser les compétences

  1. As foods are closer to the thermoelectric cooler, the refrigeration effect will be better.
  2. Beverages in metal zip-top cans will achieve a better effect.
  3. Watermelon and other fruits shall be cut into halves and covered with the plastic wrap, and the plane should be close to the inner wall of the refrigerator for preservation.
  4. When preserving vegetables, they shall be put in a flat-bottomed stainless steel plate and covered with plastic wrap, and the flat bottom should be close to the inner wall of the refrigerator.
  5. Cosmetics and drugs shall be refrigerated and get close to the inner wall of the refrigerator.
  6. As these things are closer to the thermoelectric cooler, the effect will be better.

Preservation reference temperature

  1. Fruits: When preserving fresh fruits in the refrigerator, the temperature shall maintain about 0-10ºC, so that the quality and t.aste of fruits can be maintained, and the freshness lifetime of fruits will be extended.
  2. Bière: The preservation temperature shall be 0-15ºC. 10ºC is the best. Bottled beer shall be preserved at the temperature of 5-25ºC.
  3. Thé: The preservation temperature of tea should be 5-10ºC. At such temperatures, the taste of tea will not change after it is preserved for more than one year.
  4. Cosmetics / skin care products: Tue temperature shall be below 25°. The preservation temperature of cosmetics (sin care product) shall be 10-15ºC. Ultrahigh or ultralow temperatures will make cosmetics go bad, while chilled cosmetics (sin care product) will make skin cool down and the skin will be shrunk and feel comfortable.
  5. Médicaments: The preservation temperature of household drugs shall be set as stipulated on the drug manual. Usually the preservation temperature shall be below 20ºC.

Portée de l'application

  1. Applicable occasions: On-board household yachts, offices, dormitories and cosmetic stores.
  2. Applicable products: Fruits, bottled/ zip-top can beverages, tea, drugs, breast milk, cosmetics, etc.
  3. Not applicable to ice cream, popsicle and other frozen foods, chemical reagen~. fresh foods and meat (cooked meals can be stored for 5-5h).

The correct operation method of the mechanical Version

I. Connection of in-car power supply (DC 12V)

The correct operation method of the mechamcal vers10n

  1. Enable the “refrigeration” status of the refrigerator.
  2. Plug the on-board power cord into the on-board socket (DC 12V).
  3. Start the engine. 4. Plug the cigar lighter plug of the on-board cable of the refrigerator into the jack of the on-board cigar lighter.

II. Connection of the household power (AC 100-120V)

  1. Enable the “refrigeration” status of the refrigerator.
  2. Plug one end of the household power cord into the AC socket (AC100-120V) of therefrigerator.
  3. Plug the other end into the household socket.

III. Refrigeration and heating operations

  1. In the case of refrigeration, the user shall tum the switch to “refrigeration”, so that the green indicator will be turned on, and the refrigerator will start refrigeration.
  2. In the case of heating, the user shall tum the switch to “heating”, so that the red indicator will be turned on, and the refrigerator will start heating.
  3. After finishing work, the user can tum the switch to “off”, so that the refrigerator will stop working.
  4. In the case of heating conversion, the user shall tum the switch to “off” first, wait for at least 15min and then tum the switch to refrigeration or heating. If the refrigeration mode is directly converted into the heating mode, the thermoelectric cooler of the refrigerator may be damaged because of the sudden temperature change.

Documents / Ressources

Réfrigérateur à semi-conducteurs Flynama W140159239-E [pdf] Manuel d'utilisation
W140159239-E Semiconductor Refrigerator, W140159239-E, Semiconductor Refrigerator, Refrigerator


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